Series I Want to Finish This Year

Hello hello, how are you? And, for those who celebrate it, how has your Easter been? I’m not religious myself but I have been thoroughly enjoying the bank holiday/ 4-day weekend, that’s for sure! I was a bit stuck at what to post this week. I was going to post a review but I haven’t quite managed… Continue reading Series I Want to Finish This Year

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First Book Haul of 2019!

Hello everyone, and happy Monday 🙂 As the title suggests, I am here with a haul post!! ❤ Being in the book community I hear about so many exciting books and, although I know I have way too many unread books on my TBR bookshelf at home, sometimes I just cant resist treating myself every so… Continue reading First Book Haul of 2019!

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Anticipated Releases: April 2019!

Hello hello, how are you? I hope April is treating you well so far. So, for those who have been on my blog a long time, one of the first posts I like to do each month is my favourite- my monthly Anticipated Releases! ❤ For those who are new to my blog, each month I like… Continue reading Anticipated Releases: April 2019!

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March 19 Wrap-Up // April TBR!

Hello everyone- how are we all doing? Oh gosh, so April has arrived already! I feel like I say it every month but how is it already this late into the year!? Part of me is excited, as it means we are getting well into Spring and hopefully into some sunny weather. But the other… Continue reading March 19 Wrap-Up // April TBR!

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Mini Reviews: Thieves and Poisoners

Hello, hello! In a bid to reduce my backlist I am condensing a few of my reads into mini reviews. This time I am focusing on two fantasy books with cool titles: The Thief who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids by Michael McClung, and The Queen’s Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler. Let’s see what I thought! **** Title: The Thief… Continue reading Mini Reviews: Thieves and Poisoners

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I Should Have Read That Book Tag

Hello everyone! I was tagged by the lovely JJ at Ever the Crafter to do the I should have read that book tag. 🙂 She’s a great person, and her blog is cool as it mixes all of her passions- reading, writing and crafts (mainly cross stitch/crochet). Definitely check her blog out! ❤ I feel like… Continue reading I Should Have Read That Book Tag

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Anticipated Releases: March 2019!

Hello hello, how are we all? As the title suggests, it’s time for my monthly Anticipated Releases post! ❤ For those who are new to my blog, each month I like to scour Goodreads and the web and make a list of the books I’m most looking forward to being published that particular month. As I am… Continue reading Anticipated Releases: March 2019!