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{Blogmas Day 3} Oxford Trip

Hello again!

So for Blogmas I thought I would try a variety of different posts- and today I wanted to do more of a lifestyle/journal entry.

Last weekend I went to visit one of my best friends in Oxford. She is currently living there while doing a PhD, so I really don’t get to see very much of her at the moment. We did briefly meet up in September, but the last time I visited her in Oxford was all the way back in March!

I left London after work on a Friday and jumped on a really busy train. I had reserved a seat but it was so difficult to get into it as all the aisles were jammed full of people. I had to lift my suitcase over people’s head and just hope I didn’t drop it on them!


When I arrived I met my friend en route to the town, where we went for a meal and cocktails. I’ll be honest, I don’t go out to eat very often so I normally go for something with chips, but that day I decided to go for a duck stir fry. It was so so yummy, and of course I ate with such great company 🙂

Trying to be classy with a cocktail


Saturday was my only full day in the city, and we woke up fairly early to make the most of it. I didn’t take many photos of the town as I have been there before, but I love the architecture of the place. It feels so quaint and traditional, while also keeping some of its typical grandeur. Beautiful architecture  makes me happy, so I was certainly in my element! Oxford also had a Christmas food market. I do love a good market, but I will say this one wasn’t really as nice as I had expected? I think I wanted more trinkets and less food for once 😛


I actually did want to get some mulled cider, but we went to the market at like 11ish and it was just a tad too early for me to get my booze on 😛

Most of the day was spent walking around the town and doing some Christmas shopping. Of course there was a lot of chatting and laughing, which was the best bit. Of course I did have to pop into Blackwells, which my friend tells me is the largest bookstore in Europe? There were so many floors- I mean this was just a small portion of the basement level?!

The picture doesn’t really do it justice but it was HUGE

It was a really relaxing day, and I just enjoyed having good chats with one of my closest friends! And of course, we got to get some good pressie ideas 🙂


Sunday was another really chill day- which I really appreciated ‘cos I could just relax and focus on being in the company of a really good friend 🙂

We went for a scenic walk around the local park, where I could take photos. I absolutely loooove taking nature and close-up shots as I love how crisp the details can be. However as it is winter there wasn’t a lot of nature to photograph, so I had to make do with the last few reminders of Autumn. It wasn’t too bad though as the leaves still had some glorious orange and yellow tones 🙂


We then went for a small walk through some of the prettier colleges, and then had a warm hot chocolate and a toasted scone ❤ I adore scones, so I was pretty happy with this arrangement:


The last call of the day was the Ashmolean museum. We were running a bit short of time as I had a train to catch, but I do like catching up on a bit of history- especially from medieval and Roman periods. It is a really nice place to visit, and the outside is stunning.

So I’m an architecture nerd…


All in all it was a really nice and relaxing trip. It was so nice to spend some time with one of my best friends, and I just wish the weekends were longer!

Thank you so much to my friend for letting me stay over (and sorry about the milkshake incident) ❤ ❤


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