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{Blogmas day 6} 3 days, 3 quotes tag, day 1

Hello everyone!

So I’ve been meaning to do this tag for a while, and I though Blogmas was a perfect time to fit it in. So uhh… back in October (wow I didn’t know it had been that long, I’m sorry) I was tagged by the lovely Jasmine to do the 3 day, 3 quotes tag.

As the name suggests you post one quote a day for 3 days! 🙂

I’ll be honest and say I am absolutely useless with quotes. I’m not the type to read a book and note amazing quotes I come across, so for this tag I have had to consult my best friend Google.

As I’m primarily a book blog I wanted to start this tag with a bookish quote:

Image result
source: Google/Pinterest

This is so me– I find books so inspirational and really take me into a world of imagination. Often I find my dreams are more exciting after I have been reading, which makes me so so happy when I wake up ❤ I love having exciting adventures in my head as a result of reading 🙂


Sorry I’m being a bad person and writing this in a rush so I can’t think of anyone to tag at the moment- but if you fancy giving this a go then please do!

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