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{Blogmas Day 13} Apologies


So I’m being a pain today, and I want to apologise.

Although it is Blogmas, I actually don’t have a post for today! Unfortunately my train to work is with a UK firm called Southern Rail, and they have decided to go on a full strike this week. Usually Southern strikes, but my train is rarely affected because it is a slow line (and I presume they feel sorry for it).

However this time there were absolutely no trains, which caused havoc with my commute. It normally takes about 70 minutes to get to work, but today it took me over 2 and a half hours 😦

If I was good at Blogmas I would have already prepared a post in advance so you would never know of any difficulties, but uhh… I have been procrastinating too much. As a result I haven’t got any posts ready for today! 😦

I’m so upset about this as I really didn’t want to waste any of the days. But I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with a proper bookish post (I know a better route to work for the rest of the week so it should all be fine now).

So I do apologise, I’ll be back tomorrow! ❤


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