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{Blogmas Day 21} Kew Gardens at Christmas

Hi guys! 🙂

So yesterday I went on a festive outing with my mum after work. We decided to pop to Kew Gardens in the outskirts of London as they have a Christmas lights exhibition on at the moment. I love seeing Christmas lights, they feel really magical in the dark and give me such a festive feeling!

It is a bit pricier than I was hoping for at £18 per ticket (during the peak festive season), but I’ve never been to their Christmas display before and I felt like it would be a lovely way to get into the Christmas spirit  during the week leading up to the big day. ❤


It was really interesting! We had some mulled wine (which didn’t taste very spiced… just regular wine warmed up) and mince pies- my first of the Christmas season- and headed off round the trail to see all the displays.

((Also apologies for the bad quality photos- my camera is difficult to use in the dark, and my phone ran out of battery so I couldn’t get the shots I wanted))


All the trees were lit up, and they had some really interesting displays! There were mushrooms that blinked different colours and played music, jewels on trees, and sculptures of the first 5 items in the song “12 days of Christmas“. Each item was surrounded by a ring of fire, and it looked so pretty and warm!


There was also a structure called ‘The Hive‘. I think in the daytime you can see the hexagonal structure similar to honeycomb in a beehive, but at the night there are loads of lights inside, which gives the most amazing pattern ❤


I love it so much

I think my absolute favourite though was the light tunnel. The tunnel plays wintry music and has a light display- which was so fun! It felt really surreal, and I honestly could have stood in the tunnel for ages just enjoying the moment.


The final part of the walk in Kew Gardens was a light show on their huge greenhouse centerpiece. It was really fun, and I love the reflections on the lake surrounding it too. It felt really magical, and Santa even flew past! 😛



It was a nightmare to get home (it took my mum and I about 2 and a half hours, thanks public transport) but overall I’m really glad I went. It was such a fun experience, and it was all so pretty!!

If you did want to go I would recommend pre-booking your tickets, as a lot of the days have already sold out!

Have any of you been to see Kew Gardens at Christmas? What did you think?


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