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Welcome 2017! New Year Resolutions and January TBR

Hello everyone, and first of all..

 Happy New Year!!!

I can’t believe 2017 is here already. New years are always so exciting, but I also get really nervous- I want to make it the best year yet, but I haven’t prepared for it at all! At least I have 365 days to make my mind up.. right? 😛

Today is Monday, so I am going to keep most of today’s content book-related, don’t worry! But I thought as it is a brand New Year, I should make a list of my goals for 2017. I am terrible at keeping resolutions, mainly because I am quite carefree and not very proactive. However I want to at least make a note of some things I want to achieve, and hopefully I can manage to do most of them!

In 2017 I’d like to…..

  • Lose weight. I have this resolution every year, it is a never-ending battle. I did really well in 2015 and lost about 1-2 stone, which was nice. I was at my lowest weight for years. But uhh… in 2016 I lost all my motivation. No matter how healthy I thought I was, or no matter what exercise I did at the gym, nothing seemed to make a dent in my weight-loss journey. I’m hoping I can get back on track for 2017, I really need this. It would be great if I could lost another 1-2 stone for now, and then keep it up in 2018 too.
  • Get a job in publishing. I tried to do this in 2016, but sadly I didn’t get very far. I’m hoping I can keep trying and eventually crack the industry though! I’d love to try production, but at the moment I want to gain some experience within a sector I love Hire me please.
  • Visit Japan. My best friend moved to Japan a few years back and I miss her terribly. Both of us have had other commitments which meant I haven’t been to see her yet. I want to make 2017 the year I can go on a trip to Japan and spend some more time together. I am in love with Japan and its culture, and if when I get to go I can’t wait to embrace it with my best friend.
  • Be more creative. This involves all my hobbies- I want to have a better routine/planning schedule for this blog, I want to draw more so I don’t lose touch, and if inspiration strikes, I want to write again. 🙂
  • Clean my room. This shouldn’t really be a resolution, but my room needs a serious overhaul. I haven’t been able to have a good tidy for months, there is one corner of my room I’m scared to enter as it has a few unwelcome spiderwebs in it, but my room is so messy I can’t get there to clean it (embarrassing I know). I need to specifically allocate some time to have a good tidy and thorough clean, so I’m making it an official goal for this year, haha!


In terms of reading, I thought I would also start 2017 with a Goodreads Reading Challenge! I only really found out about the magic that is Goodreads mid-2016, and I didn’t think it was a good time to start a reading challenge. However a new year is a new start, so I have set a 2017 goal:


60 books doesn’t feel like a big number, I know so many bloggers who have goals in the hundreds, but I thought I would keep my first challenge fairly safe. Looking at recent blogging months, I tend to read 3-4 books a month. This goal makes it about 5 books a month, so it is still challenging for me! If I manage to complete this goal though I’ll definitely be going all out in 2018. Wish me luck!


As well as it being a brand new year, it is also the beginning of a new month. A new month means a new TBR list, and this month is no exception. So, without further ado, this January I am planning on reading:


  1. Redeemed by P.C. & Kristin Cast~ You know when you have been following a series for so long, you just have to finish it (even if parts of it really annoy you)? This is how I feel with the House of Night series; I’ve been reading these books for about 8 years now. This is book 12 of the series, and although the writing isn’t amazing, I just need to find out what is going to happen with Zoey. As I haven’t blogged about the other books in the series I probably wont write a review post, but I’m still looking forward to concluding this book set.
  2. Simon vs. the Homo sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli~ So I saw this book at YALC in July 2016 and I was really intrigued, and I never got round to buying/reading it. I felt now was the time though, and I’ve heard really good things about it 🙂 Hopefully it meets my expectations!
  3. Red Rising by Pierce Brown~ I decided to read a nice sci-fi book for a change, and this story really intrigued me when I was browsing my work’s bookstore. It might be a bit cliché, but for some reason I feel really drawn to this book- I hope it’s a good’un!
  4. Caraval by Stephanie Garber~ Gosh there has been so much hype for this book. I happened to spy a spare ARC copy at work that no one had claimed (sorry), and as the book is released this month I thought I’d give it a go. I’m not really pumped for this book at the moment, but I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I’m hoping its as good as the internet says it is!


I feel there a lot of red and black in January’s TBR, but hey-ho! I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to my 2017 reading. New year new reads! ❤

Do you have any New year goals? What are you planning on reading this month? Let me know in the comments! ♥


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