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Childhood books I wish I still owned

Hello everyone! ūüôā

Honestly I’ve always loved reading. When I was kid I took full advantage of the classroom bookshelves, and in high school I would always pick up books from the libraries at the end of the day. I would always find time to read, and I loved being that kid who filled up their reading diaries the fastest (I don’t think anyone else in my school was trying to be honest).

Legit me growing up. Source:

However, when it came to actually owning my own books, I only had a small collection. This is because once my single¬†shelf on the wall¬†in my room was full, I was only allowed to buy another book once I had donated a book I was finished¬†with (thank god¬†I’m not restricted like that now!). I mean, I must have given away between 5-20 books a year, as the years went by! ūüė¶ A lot of the time I wasn’t actually ready to give my books away, but my desire for a new copy was too great.

Now I’m at an age where I can afford to buy lots of my own books, and finally no one can tell me to get rid of any unless I definitely don’t want them anymore. However, years of giving away my books means there are some old favourites that I miss dearly. I thought I would take the time to write down¬†a few of those books I read and re-read constantly when I was growing up;¬†those that I really wish I had kept on my bookshelf!

Okay, so these are the books I miss most from my childhood:


Woof!¬†by Allan Ahlberg~ I remember having mixed feelings about this book as a child, but I must have read it tens of times while I owned it, so it made its way onto this list. It is about a normal boy called Eric who suddenly turns into a dog! With his friend Roy he then tries to find out what’s causing this weird transformation. This was a really funny and interesting book when I was a kid, I’m sure there was a bit about him stealing sausages or something? I wish I still had a copy to find out!


The Children of Willow Farm by Enid Blyton~ Oh my gosh I LOVED this book growing up. This book is a really nice romantic read about a family starting a new life on a farm. Every time I read this I wanted to be on a farm too, it seemed like so much fun looking after all the animals. And one of the boys had a pet squirrel, which I was obsessed with as a child.

The Naughtiest Girl in the School¬†by Enid Blyton~ Another Blyton book. I’ll be honest here, I’m not sure if this is the right one for this list. For the last 6 years or so I’ve been thinking about this book, but I really didn’t know the title or even the author (I just had a suspicion that it was something Enid Blyton would write). The main thing I remember- and¬† loved- about this book was a girl in a boarding school, and getting an allowance to go to the sweet shop. I’m sure at one point she actually left the school as well? I couldn’t exactly remember what happened, but I read the Goodreads synopsis for this book and its naughty main character¬†hit a chord with the child in me. I’d definitely like to reread this book now to see if it is¬†how I remember it!

Beyond the Deepwoods by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell~ Okay wow, I was obsessed with this book. It is so so unique, and I adored the adventure of orphan Twig in the forest. Although while amazingly done, the descriptions and illustrations of all the monsters were actually really creepy; even more so when you are reading this as an 8 year old! This was a book I always turned to when I wanted to read something, it was so amazing. Actually, this one is quite easy for me to get my hands back on as I donated this to my brother (I have now claimed it back to put on my shelf, mwahaha).

Midnight¬†by Jacqueline Wilson~ Okay, first off: I love all¬†the Jacqueline Wilson’s books I’ve read over the years. However I didn’t own too many (around 5?) and this was definitely one that I liked to reread.¬†Violet is obsessed with the fantasy fairy world created by her favourite author, Casper Dream. In fact she has loads of fairy models around her room that her brother Will has helped her make- when he is in a good mood. When Will finds out a secret about himself,¬†Violet spends more and more time staying with her fantasy fairy friends as Will becomes too domineering. With a new friend at school, the story is all about family relationships and coming to terms with yourself. I really enjoyed this book as it seemed different from a lot of other Jacqueline Wilson titles. And I adored all the fairies in it- I was getting obsessed myself! ‚̧

The Witches¬†by Roald Dahl~ Roald Dahl is another favourite author of my childhood. I loved so many of his books, but I remember the Witches sticking out to me. It seems so interesting as they were supposed to be disguised, and Quentin Blake’s illustrations really help the story flow along. I do want to reread/collect all of Roald Dahl’s books one day, and if I do I’ll be looking forward to reliving this one!

Pure Dead series¬†by Debi Gliori~ Hands down this was my favourite series of books as a child. Set in Scotland, the Pure Dead series follows¬†the eccentric and magical Strega-Borgia¬†family,¬†a¬†nanny who is more than she seems, and a variety of fantastical creatures (including dragons, talking spiders,¬†Loch Monsters etc). I found it so funny, and would reach for this series time and time again. Not only were the stories amazing and so much fun, but some of the editions I owned were furry hardcovers- furry! I miss them so much¬†‚̧


Well I do seem to have a mixture of vintage and more modern books. To be honest I bought most of my books from charity/second-hand shops, so there was always a lot more variety. There are some other books I used to love, but I don’t remember the names of the books at all! One was a selections of jungle stories (with a realllly old blue and green/white cover), while another was about an angel-spy… I think (it had an orange cover!).

Either way these books were definitely old favourite of mine, and I wish I still had some copies left to delve back into the nostalgia of it all- especially those furry hardbacks!!!

Do you have any all-time favourite books when you were a child that you wish you still had now? Have you heard any of these books? Let me know in the comments! ‚ô•



3 thoughts on “Childhood books I wish I still owned

  1. Wow! How nostalgic, I too loved Roald Dahl and Jacqueline Wilson ‚̧ԳŹ It’s such a shame you had to part with the books you loved ūüė¶ Hope you can get new copies!
    I remember I also loved the ‘My Naughty Little Sister’ series by Dorothy Edwards, and pretty much all of Beatrix Potter’s tales (^‚óč^)

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