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Why Do I Read?

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂

So I don’t have any of my usual posts I seem to do every month, I actually seem to have a spare week to talk about anything I like! So I thought I would do something a little bit different, and have a chat about something I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks. It is bookish related- so it still counts for a Monday post! 🙂

So, the question I’ve been thinking about is: Why do I read?

I mean, I’ve always loved to read and I’ve always found it a really enjoyable pastime, ever since I was small. In school we had books to write down how often we read a book, with the dates we read, what we were thinking, etc… actually, that sounds exactly like what I use Goodreads for now! As a child I used to fill SO many of these books in a year, whereas most of the class might use one or two 😛 Its safe to say that my passion definitely hasn’t dwindled, and has only got stronger since writing this blog!

Recently I’ve been trying to pin do why I like books as much as I do, and will continue to be a bookworm. I’ve thought of a few points, and decided to share them with you all.


So, I read to…..

  • Experience new things and new ways of life~ Unless my Hogwarts letter is still stuck with Royal Mail after all this time (although I wouldn’t put it past them tbh), it is very unlikely that I am going to be a super wizard, princess, or even an assassin. But reading books gives me the opportunity to try and live such a life, even if it is in my head.


  • Go on an adventure~ When reading, fantasy books are always my go-to read. There are so many wonderful adventures to go on, new worlds to discover, and I love it. It is so exciting to get the opportunity to go on epic quests and be transported to new surroundings, and books give me the platform and the worlds to do so.
  • Get my heart beating <3~ As you may know when reading my book reviews, I am always look for emotions in the stories I read. I want to get so immersed in a book that my heart races, whether that’s for the characters, the events, or for the general vibe of the story. Books are simply amazing, because they allow my brain to insert myself into a world and get my heart wrenching in a way that TV or movies cannot always do.


  • Get my imagination flowing~ leading on from the point above, books really help me get my creative juices flowing. Not only do the descriptions truly allow to create my own images and movies in my head (which is pretty epic), but they help me feel inspired. It would be the most amazing thing to write my own book one day, and it is so exciting when books help me get that motivation and the butterflies to get involved in the book world.
  • Get new perspectives on life and world topics~ there is such a wide variety of books out there, and with the increase in diversity I get to experience new perspectives on certain topics. Whether that is about race, LGBTQ+ issues, romance or even mental health issues, books offer me brand new ways of thinking about things and understanding those that I have not experienced myself, which is really great. It opens my eyes to new experiences, which is truly amazing.


  • Make me happy~ Of course this reason is one of the most important ones! I read because above all else I enjoy it, I love all the new lives I can lead. Reading not only makes my brain inspired, but it is a relaxing pastime that makes me feel good. It’s important to do what makes you happy, and I am glad that reading is one of my hobbies ❤ ❤


So there we go, these are just a few reasons why I read. A lot of them are closely linked, but I hope it shows a glimpse into why reading is so fun, and why it has been my pastime for so long.

Now, here comes the important part- why do YOU read? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your responses!


Of course, if you can think of any other questions or discussion points to ask me, let me know too and I may feature them in a future post! 🙂





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