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Review: The Scarecrow Queen

31627294Title: The Scarecrow Queen

Author: Melinda Salisbury

Genre: Fantasy, YA

Pages: 423

Published: 2nd March 2017 (UK)

Publisher: Scholastic

Format: Paperback

Acquired: Bought from local bookstore

Rating: ★★★★☆


Book Blurb:: Dawn will rise.

With Errin a prisoner in Lormere, and Twylla powerless on the run, time is running out for the ragged band of rebels trying desperately to prevent the Sleeping Prince from destroying everything they love.

But Aurek will stop at nothing to keep the throne forever…


Firstly, I am sorry for the delay in posting this review, especially considering I finished reading this in June! I don’t really have a good excuse to be honest, I just procrastinate waaay too much when writing reviews. >.<

But oh my gosh, I can’t believe this series is over! I had been putting off this last book in the trilogy for so long, just because I didn’t want it to end. The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy was one of the first series’ I started blogging about, so I feel quite sentimental about it 😛

Note: As this is the third and final book in the series there may be spoilers of the series! Only read the rest of this review if you have read this book (and the others in the trilogy), or if you have no intention of reading it!


So, what happens in The Scarecrow Queen? Well, the story starts almost straight after the ending of book 2, The Sleeping Prince. After being betrayed, Errin and Silas have been captured by Aurek and taken back to the castle is Lormere, while Twylla has escaped and is hiding from his clutches. Twylla actually ends up with a rebel group, determined to destroy Aurek and save the land from his clutches.

In Scarecrow Queen, Errin and Merek (thankfully still alive and kicking) manage to escape and, after a long journey fleeing Aurek’s men, come across Twylla and the rebel community. With the chance to defeat Aurek once and for all, Twylla, Errin and the other have a dangerous journey to gather everything (and everyone) together and finally take back their kingdom. But will they succeed?


Okay, before trying to straighten out my thoughts about this book, let me get the important bit out of the way. LOOK. AT. THIS. COVER.

P1050008 edit

Oh gosh, it is just gorgeous. All the covers in this series are stunning, and I adore the orange tones in this one. I can’t help but judge a book by its cover, and Salisbury’s series does not disappoint ❤ ❤ I wish I could describe my feelings a bit better, but I am in LOVE with it.


As it had been a while since I read The Sleeping Prince I did have to spend the first couple of chapters trying to ‘catch up’ to the storyline, but once I got immersed I was very impressed.

The writing and the plot has definitely picked up from the beginning of this series, which is always a good sign. This book was quite dramatic, and was full of exciting plot developments! And some of those twists! I am trying not to give anything away of the plot itself, but there were certainly some scenes that I didn’t expect and I was really concerned how everything was going to turn out for the characters. It was certainly intriguing from the first page, and I enjoyed how everything linked together. I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t a fan of the ‘ingredients-gathering’ part of the story, but once the alchemy element kicked in it became super interesting. Overall I thought The Scarecrow Queen was extremely well-done. ❤


While I did enjoy the overall plot I have to admit that the characters (and their development) were the biggest attraction for me. The Scarecrow Queen is separated into three parts and, although we do occasionally get other perspectives, each part is dominated by either Twylla’s or Errin’s point of view. The two girls are separated so it is really interesting to get both sides of the story as leading to the series conclusion.

I do have a soft spot for Errin and I really enjoyed her chapters in the castle with Aurek. But, as we know by now, that’s because I just like it when characters are in a bad spot with desperation and torture, haha. Merek is also with Errin in the castle, although he is disguised in order to hide his presence from Aurek. I really enjoyed their chapters together, everything was so dramatic!! There was a time where I couldn’t work out their feelings between them, which was a bit tense, too. It was also interesting to see how their reactions to being trapped in the castle differed from Twylla’s in The Sin Eater’s Daughter.

Speaking of Twylla, she has certainly grown up from her meek self at the beginning of this series! I mean, sure, she still has flaws (who doesn’t), but it was so interesting to see her develop and become so determined. She certainly isn’t a whiny damsel anymore, and the final part of The Scarecrow Queen really showed her personality growth. There were elements of her storyline I really didn’t predict and, although her mind is still all over the place, I did end up rooting for her somewhat.

In this book we also got to see a lot more of Merek and his thoughts. Oh gosh, Merek! I didn’t really care for him in The Sin Eater’s Daughter, but I love him now! ❤ His personality has been considerably fleshed out, and he seems so much more mature now- and just generally adorable. I really rooted for him, I just want him to be happy! ❤



The main character I had an issue with was Lief. We got to see quite a lot of him in The Sin Eater’s Daughter and, although his personality had a few surprises, he definitely confused me in The Scarecrow Queen. I honestly did not understand his motives at all, everything was so so conflicting that I didn’t feel we reached a resolution with him towards the end. We never got any reasons as to why he does what he does, and as such I could never believe anything he did, even when he was trying to be nice! I feel like Lief could have been developed a bit more in this one, if only to better understand exactly what he is trying to achieve throughout the story.


The Scarecrow Queen is definitely more of a light fantasy, meaning that, although there was still a lot of drama, there were still a lot of happy endings. The sadistic part of me was disappointed that almost everything ended up okay, but that’s just because I’m mean.

Overall this has been a really fun read. I can’t say it has been my favourite fantasy series ever, BUT I enjoyed the plot a lot. I want to credit Melinda Salisbury, as the series has just got better and better! It was certainly a fitting end to the trilogy, and I really want to know a bit more about Twylla’s outcome/future! I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and I am sad that the series is done. I’ll always have a soft spot for it (especially with these stunning covers)

Have you read this book/this series? What did you think? Let me know in the comments

Rating: star-1star-1star-1star-1

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