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Review: One Dark Throne

34567771Title: One Dark Throne

Author: Kendare Blake

Genre: YA, fantasy

Pages: 450

Published: 21st September 2017 (UK)

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

Format: Paperback

Acquired: Bought.

Rating: ★★★★☆ [3.5]

Book Blurb:: The tides are turning once again… but which sister will be the last one standing?

Mirabella’s victory seemed assured, but suddenly she faces attacks like never before.

Katharine, once known as the weakest, is now rumoured to be the most lethal.

Arsinoe is keeping a secret that could be both her undoing and her best chance at victory…

Time is running out, and each sister will stop at nothing to win the throne. 


Disclaimer: This is a review of the sequel to Three Dark Crowns, so there may be some spoilers! Only read if you have read at least Book 1- I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum!

Now, although I love the concept of these books, I did find that Three Dark Crowns didn’t quite live up to my expectations when I read it. As such I wasn’t quite sure what I would think of its sequel, One Dark Throne. But you know what? It is so much better than book 1!! 🙂

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I wont go into too much detail as it is a sequel, but One Dark Throne follows the sisters after the events of the unforgettable Quickening ceremony. They have all returned home, and so begins the Ascension Year, where all three queens undergo schemes and plans to survive, and win the throne of Fennbirn. Everything has changed since the Quickening, and Mirabella is no longer the sole favourite to win.

With secrets, character development and an array of dramatic plans set in motion, which queen will prevail?


I felt that everything became a lot more exciting in this one- there was more action throughout, and a lot of drama! There was plenty of intrigue too- especially with Arsinoe and whether her secret will be outed! I have to admit, now the queens’ stories intertwine a lot more, the story doesn’t feel as disjointed as it was in Three Dark Crowns; it flowed much more easily! I still can’t say it is my favourite book in the world, but it was a lot better than book 1, for sure. Very happy with its progress 🙂

I really can’t give too much away as it will spoil the insides, but there were plenty of events to keep me going- there was lots of anticipation to find out what was going to happen next, and which plans will have an effect on the other queens. The ending in particular was so fast-paced and really left me guessing- so much happened I just don’t know what to think! Jules is super interesting, and I can’t wait to see how she’ll turn out. Kat’s ending was also really shocking too! I really didn’t think the final plan would actually work as it did and I honestly have no idea how it is all going to pan out in book 3!


Now, I feel that in a story with multiple POVs, the characters really have to stand out. And overall there was so much going on in One Dark Throne, and a lot of development! Throughout the book I didn’t know who to root for- you get to feel for all the queens, and I couldn’t make up my mind over which queen should, essentially, live or die. The only one whose personality felt a bit flat was Mirabella. I think because the other queens’ characters are so strong and determined in this book, she faded into the background for me a little.

I felt that Katherine’s character development was amazing. I mean, she changed so much, and grew such an intriguing personality! Her story arc kept teasing at what happened to her at the end of book 1 and, although we slowly get some answers, I’m still itching to get the full picture! I mean, I have no idea if she is who she is meant to be, or if there is something more to her. I did like seeing her more dangerous side and her schemes, though! She became a more ruthless character, which is what I imagine when I first starting reading this series.

I enjoyed Katherine’s sections so much at the beginning that I was rooting for her the most at first, but then I also enjoyed Arsinoe, so now I don’t know who should win, haha! 😛 I really liked Arsinoe’s secret revelation in Three Dark Crowns and I was keen to find out how this would play out in One Dark Throne. And all in all, I really enjoyed her POV! 🙂 Her story with Jules & co was really dramatic, so I couldn’t help but want them to keep going. And with the ending, I cant wait to see what will happen 🙂


I feel like I have rambled a bit too much in this review- I’m trying so hard not to give away any spoilers, but the spoilers make up the whole story! Either way, what I can say is that One Dark Throne is a lot better than the first book in the series, Three Dark Crowns. I can’t say it is my favourite book in the world (it didn’t enthral me as much as I would like), but there is so much improvement here; I was certainly intrigued! I thoroughly enjoyed the drama and mystery surrounding the queens, and I still have so many questions that need answering. I’m certainly hoping it improves even more in book 3, so I can get some exciting answers!

Have you read this series yet? What did you think of One Dark Throne? Let me know in the comments!

Rating: star-1star-1star-1star-1-5

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