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May 2018 FairyLoot Unboxing!

Hello! I’m quite excited about this week’s post, as it’s a FairyLoot unboxing! ❤ I actually haven’t had a FairyLoot box since last December, as I was waiting for a box that was really up my street. And I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy the May box. The box did arrive a few weeks ago, but I haven’t been able to do an unboxing until now.

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For those who don’t know, FairyLoot is a UK-based, monthly YA fantasy subscription service, in which you get a book of the month, along with exclusive goodies pertaining to a set theme. The theme for May’s box was Save the Kingdom, featuring items inspired by An Ember in the Ashes, The Winners Trilogy, The Remnant Chronicles and Throne of Glass. I had a suspicion about what the book could be (which has been on my anticipated releases radar), plus we were told in advance that we would receive a book sleeve, so I was super excited to get this one 🙂

Now of course, this is an unboxing, so only read on if you don’t mind spoilers! Without further ado, here is what as in FairyLoot’s May box!

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Save the Kingdom themed spoiler card

Okay, so first off I have the thing everyone was teased about before buying the box- a Book Sleeve!

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This is gorgeous book sleeve is designed exclusively for FairyLoot by Reverie & Ink. Aren’t the colours just amazing?! The book sleeve helps keep books dry and protected when out and about, and this one is extra cool as it is big enough for hardbacks! Thanks to boxes like FairyLoot I do have a small collection of hardbacks that I’ve been too scared to take on my commute, so this is perfect 🙂 I’m so excited to use this beauty!


Next up I received this pretty Bath Bomb.

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This Norgard vegan bath bomb is inspired by this box’s Book of the Month, and is created by Little Heart Gifts. They are a UK-based company, which is really exiting, and the quality of this looks amazing 🙂 The scent of this bath bomb is Moonstones and Berries, and it has a clean smell with a dash of sweetness. I’ll admit I don’t really take baths, but this is a beautiful product and I know my friend has already got her eyes on it 😀


I also received a Save the Kingdom exclusive themed Tea by The Tea Leaf Company.

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The packaging is just gorgeous, and is a special edition of English Breakfast Tea 🙂 It is such a nice idea, but sadly I am that weird Brit that doesn’t like tea 😛 Looking at this beauty though I wish I did! Buut my office love the stuff so I think this will be a nice treat for them.


Another item in the box is this Lip Scrub from Geeky Clean!

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I’ve never actually used a lip scrub before so it was kinda exciting to receive this 🙂 This exclusive scrub is vegan-friendly and inspired by The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson. There was actually three options available: melon-flavoured Dalbreck, berries & grape-flavoured Morrighan and lemon-flavoured Venda. I haven’t read this series so I don’t have a preferred character, but in the end I received Morrighan and it smells so nice!! I’m interested to try this out, it’s definitely a new thing for me 🙂


I also received this gorgeous coaster designed by Evie Bookish:

P1050527 edit

I love Evie Bookish’s designs, and this one is no exception. The coaster has the quote “You are your own best weapon” from The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski. I adored this book when I read it last year, so it is nice to get an item referencing this series ❤ The design is elegant too, so it would look lovely in any room~


In the box there was also some page-markers and other lovely little extras:

P1050528 edit

The Wyrd page markers are another exclusive item and were from FictionTeaDesigns. They are inspired by Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, and I love the colours of them! I’m always meaning to use page markers when I find really good quotes and was actually on hunt for some cute or bookish ones. Looks like FairyLoot read my mind! I also received extra tidbits like a bookmark of Renée Ahdieh’s Smoke in the Sun and a Legendary tarot card. I actually really like the tarot card, I feel like it’s a perfect bookblog prop! ❤


Okay, so now for May’s Book of the Month. As I said I did have an inkling as to what the book might be when bought this box, but when it actually arrived I had forgotten what I was expecting, haha! At least it meant that this unboxing was still a nice surprise for me 🙂 So, May’s book was…….

P1050530 edit

Onyx and Ivory by Mindee Arnett! I’ve actually had this on my Goodreads TBR since November 2017, so I’ve been waiting for this one for a while~ I adore the cover of this, it was definitely one reason why I was looking out for its release (I just like pretty covers, okay?). Plus I like the sound of the plot, especially Traitor Kate the umm.. postwoman? Either way it says it is full of intrigue, which sounds just up my street- looking forward to giving this one a go~

Oh, and it’s not pictured but I also received the usual FairyScoop booklet, the FairyLoot bookmark, and signed bookplate. I also received a Pyrist sticker, as well as letter from the author with character art on the back!

Here is the Goodreads synopsis of Onyx and Ivory:

They call her Traitor Kate. It’s a title Kate Brighton inherited from her father after he tried to assassinate the high king years ago. Now Kate lives as an outcast, clinging to the fringes of society as a member of the Relay, the imperial courier service. Only those most skilled in riding and bow hunting ride for the Relay; and only the fastest survive, for when dark falls, the nightdrakes—deadly flightless dragons—come out to hunt. Fortunately, Kate has a secret edge: she is a wilder, born with magic that allows her to influence the minds of animals. But it’s this magic that she needs to keep hidden, as being a wilder is forbidden, punishable by death or exile. And it’s this magic that leads her to a caravan massacred by nightdrakes in broad daylight—the only survivor her childhood friend, her first love, the boy she swore to forget, the boy who broke her heart.

The high king’s second son, Corwin Tormane, never asked to lead. Even as he waits for the uror—the once-in-a-generation ritual to decide which of the king’s children will succeed him—he knows it’s always been his brother who will assume the throne. And that’s fine by him. He’d rather spend his days away from the palace, away from the sight of his father, broken with sickness from the attempt on his life. But the peacekeeping tour Corwin is on has given him too much time to reflect upon the night he saved his father’s life—the night he condemned the would-be killer to death and lost the girl he loved. Which is why he takes it on himself to investigate rumors of unrest in one of the remote city-states, only for his caravan to be attacked—and for him to be saved by Kate.

With their paths once more entangled, Kate and Corwin have to put the past behind them. The threat of drakes who attack in the daylight is only the beginning of a darker menace stirring in the kingdom—one whose origins have dire implications for Kate’s father’s attack upon the king and will thrust them into the middle of a brewing civil war in the kingdom of Rime.


And that concludes May’s FairyLoot box. I have to say, I’m really impressed with those. I know that there are a couple of items that I will be giving to family/friends, but that is purely because they are not suited for me, they are all wonderful items. I’m really loving the look of that book sleeve too, I’m so excited to give it a whirl (especially with those hardbacks) ❤ I always love seeing bookish products in action, and love to see what is curated for FairyLoot’s themes. I can’t wait for my next box (I actually purchased June’s box as it also sounded super cool)

Did you get a FairyLoot box? What do you think of the items? Have you read Onyx and Ivory? Let me know in the comments! ♥

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2 thoughts on “May 2018 FairyLoot Unboxing!

  1. This seemed like a cool box! I get Owlcrate, not Fairyloot (because shipping is SO expensive 😣 And also their boxes seem pretty hit-or-miss to me) but I always get so jealous when I see the cool artwork and books! 😍


    1. Thanks! I do know what you mean about hit-or-miss- I can never guarantee if I’ll like everything, so I only buy single boxes when I can be certain there is something I’m really anticipating! The shipping is a bummer though- I’m the opposite as FairyLoot has cheap shipping for me, but I could never pay shipping for Owlcrate! I remember when Owlcrate had some LOTR goodies and I was so jealous. Maybe one day when we are richer we can treat ourselves on the other boxes, haha! Thanks for the comment, Marrill~

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