Snowly’s Rambles is 2!

Hello everyone~

Oh my gosh, so I got this lovely notification today:


Happy Birthday to Snowly’s Rambles!!


source: giphy.com


I can’t believe I have been book-blogging for two years now, it’s gone by so quickly! 🙂 I started this blog because I really wanted to get involved with the bookish community- show off book hauls and actually give a bit more meaning to reading. And while it’s been tough to keep up to date sometimes, I’m really proud of this little space. In the first month of blogging I started with 37 views, and last month I reached 118 (although my biggest month did reach 163) ❤ While it is by no means a huge following, I am still really happy with Snowly’s Rambles, and it is nice to see its slow and steady growth!

Thank you to all those who follow me and take the time to comment on my posts, every comment really means a lot. And of course I want this space to be fairly interactive, so if there is every anything you want to see from me and my posts, please feel free to let me know!

As it is my blogiversary, I feel it is only appropriate to have some cake, right???


I would say I baked this especially to celebrate 2 years on WordPress, but it’s actually my brother’s birthday today too (how dare he share the same day)! He requested a chocolate orange cake, so voilà! 🙂 It tastes pretty good, and super sweet! I’m slowly trying to improve on my cake decorating, so this was fun.

Anyway, that was just a quick post to celebrate my 2-year blogiversary on Snowly’s Rambles, and thank you to all your wonderful readers who choose to visit this little nook in the bookish blogosphere.

Thanks a million!! ❤ ❤ 

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