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February/March Book Haul

So I keep telling myself I’m on a book-buying ban, but here we are we another book haul. Sorrynotsorry. I’ve been trying to be good and not going crazy, but what can I say, I’m book-obsessed! To be fair some of the books I purchased were my most anticipated releases of the year so I… Continue reading February/March Book Haul

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March ’18 Anticipated Releases!

Hello, hello, how are we all? šŸ™‚ It’s that time of the month again on this little blog- it’s time for some moreĀ Anticipated Releases! So, each month I like to take a look through the online bookish world (mainly Goodreads though, not gonna lie) and see which books I am most looking forward to being… Continue reading March ’18 Anticipated Releases!

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February Wrap-Up// March TBR

First of all, do you like my new blog logo/header? I actually designed this in 2016 but I had tablet trouble and never actually got round to making a logo for this blog. I hope you all like it! ā¤ **** Wow, so it’s already March! Normally I would be super happy it’s March, as… Continue reading February Wrap-Up// March TBR

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Down the TBR Hole #3

Hello everyone! Today I’m back with another edition of: Down the TBR Hole.Ā I actually haven’t done one of these sinceĀ October, so it feels good to revisit (and hopefully declutter) my TBR ā¤ This meme is created byĀ Lia at Lost in a Story. For those who don’t know what Down the TBR Hole is, Lia hasĀ provided… Continue reading Down the TBR Hole #3

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February Anticipated Releases

Hello everyone- how are we doing? I’m a bit behind schedule with my blog this month, but I’m back with one of my favourite kinds of posts- anĀ Anticipated Releases post! For those who don’t know, every month I like to give the low down on the books I’m most looking forward to being published that… Continue reading February Anticipated Releases

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January Wrap-Up// February TBR

Oh my goodness, January is finally over! It is a bittersweet moment to be honest; I mean it dragged so much, but at the same time it’s weird for me to think that one month of 2018 is already finished? My resolutions- particularly weight loss- haven’t been going well at all, so it feels a… Continue reading January Wrap-Up// February TBR

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Bumper Winter Book Haul: NYC loot, Birthday, Christmas, & More!

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! I hope you’re all doing well and had a great weekend šŸ™‚ Monday means another bookish post from me, and it’s one of my favourites- a book haul! ā¤ I love love love book haul posts- they get me so excited about books and the bookish community šŸ˜› I actually… Continue reading Bumper Winter Book Haul: NYC loot, Birthday, Christmas, & More!