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April/May Book Haul!

Hello, hello, how are we all? So I wasn’t expecting to do this post at all, as I’ve been really good at cutting down on my book-buying. I actually hadn’t bought any books at all since my last Book Haul a few months ago, but I finished reading The Wrath and the Dawn this month and loved it,… Continue reading April/May Book Haul!

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February/March Book Haul

So I keep telling myself I’m on a book-buying ban, but here we are we another book haul. Sorrynotsorry. I’ve been trying to be good and not going crazy, but what can I say, I’m book-obsessed! To be fair some of the books I purchased were my most anticipated releases of the year so I… Continue reading February/March Book Haul

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Bumper Winter Book Haul: NYC loot, Birthday, Christmas, & More!

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! I hope you’re all doing well and had a great weekend 🙂 Monday means another bookish post from me, and it’s one of my favourites- a book haul! ❤ I love love love book haul posts- they get me so excited about books and the bookish community 😛 I actually… Continue reading Bumper Winter Book Haul: NYC loot, Birthday, Christmas, & More!

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Summer/Autumn Book Haul 2017

Hello everyone!! 🙂 Okay, I’ve put off this post long enough- it’s time for a haul. When I was working with a bookstore last year I had a big discount, so almost every month I had a book haul. Since leaving there and starting somewhere new, I have been trying to curb my hauls (and… Continue reading Summer/Autumn Book Haul 2017

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YALC 2017 Bumper Post/ Haul

Well hello, everyone! How are we all doing? I have quite a large (but exciting) post for you today, as last Friday (28th July) I went to The Young Adult Literature Convention, or YALC! 🙂 This is an annual YA event hosted in London, UK, at the end of July. It is a 3-day convention… Continue reading YALC 2017 Bumper Post/ Haul

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Spring/Summer Book Haul

Well, hello there! So I’m back with one of my favourite type of posts: a book haul. Now, before you start telling me off as I said I was supposed to stop buying too many books, this is actually a cumulative book haul since April! Compared to the number of books I was buying when I… Continue reading Spring/Summer Book Haul