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February Wrap-Up// March TBR

First of all, do you like my new blog logo/header? I actually designed this in 2016 but I had tablet trouble and never actually got round to making a logo for this blog. I hope you all like it! ❤ **** Wow, so it’s already March! Normally I would be super happy it’s March, as… Continue reading February Wrap-Up// March TBR

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January Wrap-Up// February TBR

Oh my goodness, January is finally over! It is a bittersweet moment to be honest; I mean it dragged so much, but at the same time it’s weird for me to think that one month of 2018 is already finished? My resolutions- particularly weight loss- haven’t been going well at all, so it feels a… Continue reading January Wrap-Up// February TBR

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December//2017 Wrap-Up!

Hello, hello my lovelies! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe 2017 is over! The older I get the quicker these years go by, it’s crazy. And don’t even get me started on December. With my birthday, Christmas and other festive activities, it feels like I blinked and the month just disappeared in front of my… Continue reading December//2017 Wrap-Up!

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November Wrap-Up// December TBR

Hello everyone- how are we all? So, December- my favourite month- is finally here! Not only is it the month of Christmas, which I love, but it is also my birthday month, so December can get very busy (in all the festive ways). As I’m writing this I’ve actually just returned from my mini trip to… Continue reading November Wrap-Up// December TBR

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October Wrap-Up// November TBR!

Hello everyone! I’m back (a bit later than planned) with another wrap-up post! October was a busy month for me. I wanted to do a bit more blogging, but October is also the month as Inktober– a month-long traditional drawing challenge, where you draw every day of October. I did this last year as well, and… Continue reading October Wrap-Up// November TBR!

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September Wrap-Up// October TBR

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well. So, September is over!!! I always find September such a confusing month. It is quite a fun transition from summer to autumn, where the leaves start turning brown and the days get shorter. I love this part, as autumn/winter are definitely my favourite seasons!   On the other… Continue reading September Wrap-Up// October TBR

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August Wrap-Up// September TBR

Wow, so August, and I guess summer, is already over. What!? I didn’t feel like I had a summer at all and, while I am super pumped to start wearing autumnal clothes again (I miss the ease of jumpers), I’m sad to miss out on so many summery social activities 😛 Hey ho, there’s always next… Continue reading August Wrap-Up// September TBR