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November Wrap-Up 2019 // December TBR

Hello hello, how are you? I’m feeling quite happy as it is now December- my favourite month of the year!! Not only is December my birthday month, but it is also the time for numerous festive holidays, including Christmas. I love Christmas- everything is so cosy and festive, and with all the numerous gatherings and events… Continue reading November Wrap-Up 2019 // December TBR

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Sapporo 2019 Part 2! Canals, Ice and Snow Miku!

Hello hello, I am back today continuing with finally covering the trip I took to Sapporo in February 2019, to meet my best friend ❤ If you haven’t seen part one of my trip, you can click on this link to see what I got up to. So, let’s get stuck into the rest of the trip-… Continue reading Sapporo 2019 Part 2! Canals, Ice and Snow Miku!

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Down the TBR Hole #10

Hello everyone! How are we all doing? First of all, sorry for not posting last week! I was actually working on a non-bookish post most days last week, but STILL didn’t get it finished, and by the time I noticed I just hadn’t posted anything 😦 I’ll try and finish it soon though so hopefully… Continue reading Down the TBR Hole #10

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September Wrap-Up // October TBR

Hello, hello, how are you all doing? Okay I’m sorry, but where on earth did September go!? I feel like this has been the quickest month so far; in my head it is still like the 8th or 9th September? I usually do this at the beginning of the month, but I’m away for much… Continue reading September Wrap-Up // October TBR

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Sapporo Trip 2019! Snow, Sculptures, and Squirrels~

So since 2017 I wanted to post a bit more about my travels. I’ve been lucky with my travelling recently so I wanted to remember them by putting them in a collection of blog posts. I went to Tokyo and New York in 2017, and then some smaller trips to York, Brussels and Paris in… Continue reading Sapporo Trip 2019! Snow, Sculptures, and Squirrels~

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August Wrap-Up // September TBR

Hello everyone, and happy September! How are you all doing? It’s a brand new month, a technically the start of a brand new season here in the UK- yes, it’s autumn! I have to admit I really like Autumn; it is a transitional month to pave the way for a lot of festivities. I love… Continue reading August Wrap-Up // September TBR

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July Wrap-Up // August TBR!

Hello everyone! Wow it looks like summer is well and truly here, I mean we’re already in AUGUST!?!?! As I’m in full time work and so don’t get summer holidays like we did in school summer always feels less exciting, but I’m still amazed at how quickly the year is flying by So, whenever a… Continue reading July Wrap-Up // August TBR!

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June Wrap-Up // July TBR!

Hello hello everyone, and happy July! I feel like the year is going way too fast, but technically we are in the thick of summer now? June was a bit of a miserable month weather-wise (although we did have a mini heatwave in the final week), so hopefully July will feel much more seasonal 🙂… Continue reading June Wrap-Up // July TBR!

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March 19 Wrap-Up // April TBR!

Hello everyone- how are we all doing? Oh gosh, so April has arrived already! I feel like I say it every month but how is it already this late into the year!? Part of me is excited, as it means we are getting well into Spring and hopefully into some sunny weather. But the other… Continue reading March 19 Wrap-Up // April TBR!

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Anticipated Releases: February 2019!

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? It’s that time again for my absolute favourite post of the month- My Anticipated Releases for February 2019!! ❤ For those who are new to my blog, each month I like to scour Goodreads and the web and make a list of the books I’m most looking forward to being… Continue reading Anticipated Releases: February 2019!