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Bookish “This or That” Tag!

Hello! How are we doing today? After 2 months of sunshine and baking hot weather we finally had some rain in the UK, so I feel a bit more refreshed! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to post for today’s blog entry; I have quite a few unfinished entries but I was feeling a bit… Continue reading Bookish “This or That” Tag!

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{Blogmas Day 4} A New Bookish Love

Okay, I don’t know how to tell you all this but…. I have a newfound love for Penguin Classics. I don’t read classics¬†at all;¬†mainly because it reminds me of boring English classes at school, and I generally prefer more modern writing. But Penguin have been really busy designing fancy editions of some popular books; I’ve… Continue reading {Blogmas Day 4} A New Bookish Love