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July Wrap-Up // August TBR!

Hello everyone! Wow it looks like summer is well and truly here, I mean we’re already in AUGUST!?!?! As I’m in full time work and so don’t get summer holidays like we did in school summer always feels less exciting, but I’m still amazed at how quickly the year is flying by So, whenever a… Continue reading July Wrap-Up // August TBR!

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May 19 Wrap-Up // June TBR!

Hello, hello, how are you doing? Oh gosh, so June has already arrived. June always feels weird to me because technically it is the start of the summer months but at the same time being in full-time employment means this doesn’t really have a lot of significance any more? I have nothing booked in terms… Continue reading May 19 Wrap-Up // June TBR!

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April 19 Wrap-Up // May TBR!

Okay guys, was it just me or did April fly by really quickly this year!? I can’t believe it is May already! May always feels like a big month, as we are getting closer to the Summer season and May usually gives you that teaser of things to come for the rest of the year…… Continue reading April 19 Wrap-Up // May TBR!


Series I Want to Finish This Year

Hello hello, how are you? And, for those who celebrate it, how has your Easter been? I’m not religious myself but I have been thoroughly enjoying the bank holiday/ 4-day weekend, that’s for sure! I was a bit stuck at what to post this week. I was going to post a review but I haven’t quite managed… Continue reading Series I Want to Finish This Year

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February 19 Wrap-Up// March TBR

Hello, hello, hello, how are we all? Wow, can you believe it is already March? Not only is it the 3rd month of 2019 already, but it is also technically the start of the spring season, which is crazy. I do actually love the change in seasons and seeing nature start to bloom. I just feel like… Continue reading February 19 Wrap-Up// March TBR

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December ’18 FairyLoot Unboxing!

Hello, hello and happy Monday 🙂 Did you have a nice weekend? 🙂 Today I am here with a FairyLoot unboxing! I actually wanted to do this earlier, but when I received the box in the post I received an email saying one item was accidentally missing. Of course this wasn’t a problem, but I… Continue reading December ’18 FairyLoot Unboxing!

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This Is My Genre Book Tag

Hello, hello! ❤ How are we all doing? I’m currently on a week’s holiday from work. I should be using the time to be blogging a lot more, but I have to admit I’ve been spending more time relaxing, eating and playing on my new PS4 (sorry). But, I’m still here with my usual bookish… Continue reading This Is My Genre Book Tag

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January Wrap-Up// February TBR

Oh my goodness, January is finally over! It is a bittersweet moment to be honest; I mean it dragged so much, but at the same time it’s weird for me to think that one month of 2018 is already finished? My resolutions- particularly weight loss- haven’t been going well at all, so it feels a… Continue reading January Wrap-Up// February TBR

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Review: The Leaf Reader

Title: The Leaf Reader Author: Emily Arsenault Genre: YA, mystery, paranormal Pages: 230 Published: 13th June 2017 Publisher: Soho Teen Format: Hardback Acquired: Received in June’s LitJoy Crate Rating: ★★★★☆ Book Blurb:: Marnie Wells knows that she creeps people out. It’s not really her fault; her brother is always in trouble, and her grandmother, who’s been… Continue reading Review: The Leaf Reader

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June Wrap-Up// July TBR!

Why hello everyone– how are you all doing? So, I’m kinda freaking out at how quickly this year is going. I mean, June did feel rather long and never-ending, however it still surprised me when I realised we’re now in July, and in full-on summer! I’m not ready- I’m still in my winter body! Life-wise… Continue reading June Wrap-Up// July TBR!