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Anticipated Releases: December 2019

Hello hello, how are you? Oh gosh, it is time for the last Anticipated Releases post of 2019!  I can’t believe how quickly the year is gone- and with so many amazing books being released too! I have definitely added a fair amount to my to-read and to-buy lists, that’s for sure. Writing Anticipated Releases… Continue reading Anticipated Releases: December 2019

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Autumn Book Haul 2019

Hello hello, and how are you doing? 🙂 As the title suggests I am here with a book haul today! Compared to previous years I have been much better with my book-buying, I mean this is only my third haul of the year! Plus, a lot of these books were either free on Amazon Kindle… Continue reading Autumn Book Haul 2019

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Anticipated Releases: June 2019!

Hello readers, how are you this week? As you guessed from the title it is time for my monthly Anticipated Releases post!  ❤ These are my absolutely favourite posts to do on this blog, although it is certainly bad for the TBR list! For those who are new to my blog, each month I like to scour Goodreads… Continue reading Anticipated Releases: June 2019!

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Top 5 Feel-Good Contemporary Reads

Hello everyone! We have been having the most glorious summer weather here in the UK, it’s so rare! Sunshine never fails to make me smile, I hope it lasts! 🙂 I read A LOT of fantasy books as I like to get my imagination flowing, but when I think of summery books the first genre… Continue reading Top 5 Feel-Good Contemporary Reads

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February/March Book Haul

So I keep telling myself I’m on a book-buying ban, but here we are we another book haul. Sorrynotsorry. I’ve been trying to be good and not going crazy, but what can I say, I’m book-obsessed! To be fair some of the books I purchased were my most anticipated releases of the year so I… Continue reading February/March Book Haul

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My favourite reads of 2017

Hello everyone! How are we all? So, 2017 is almost over, and it is the time of year where I love tying up loose ends and looking back on my progress. I do have a usual wrap-up for tomorrow, but today I wanted to talk about my favourite reads of 2017. I started this blog in… Continue reading My favourite reads of 2017

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Childhood books I wish I still owned

Hello everyone! 🙂 Honestly I’ve always loved reading. When I was kid I took full advantage of the classroom bookshelves, and in high school I would always pick up books from the libraries at the end of the day. I would always find time to read, and I loved being that kid who filled up… Continue reading Childhood books I wish I still owned

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December Wrap-Up- 2016 is over!

Hello everyone! I can’t believe we have reached the end of 2016! This year has been one of my hardest so far, and yet the last couple of months have flown by. I don’t feel prepared to start a whole new year- I need a time-out! I thought I would do my last wrap-up post… Continue reading December Wrap-Up- 2016 is over!

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December 2016 Book Haul!

Hello hello! I hope you guys had a good Christmas or weekend (whatever you were doing). Sadly I’m working today so my Christmas ‘holiday’  has already ended, but today is a Monday, which means it’s time for another bookish post! ❤ December isn’t officially up yet, and I have a suspicion I may do some… Continue reading December 2016 Book Haul!

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{Blogmas Day 5} My Anticipated December 2016 Releases!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend 🙂 Monday means it’s time for my regular bookish post, and I thought I would do another of my favourite entries: my anticipated releases for December! I actually found it hard to create a list for this month; there weren’t a lot of… Continue reading {Blogmas Day 5} My Anticipated December 2016 Releases!