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April 19 Wrap-Up // May TBR!

Okay guys, was it just me or did April fly by really quickly this year!? I can’t believe it is May already! May always feels like a big month, as we are getting closer to the Summer season and May usually gives you that teaser of things to come for the rest of the year…… Continue reading April 19 Wrap-Up // May TBR!

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March 19 Wrap-Up // April TBR!

Hello everyone- how are we all doing? Oh gosh, so April has arrived already! I feel like I say it every month but how is it already this late into the year!? Part of me is excited, as it means we are getting well into Spring and hopefully into some sunny weather. But the other… Continue reading March 19 Wrap-Up // April TBR!

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February 19 Wrap-Up// March TBR

Hello, hello, hello, how are we all? Wow, can you believe it is already March? Not only is it the 3rd month of 2019 already, but it is also technically the start of the spring season, which is crazy. I do actually love the change in seasons and seeing nature start to bloom. I just feel like… Continue reading February 19 Wrap-Up// March TBR

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November Wrap-Up // December TBR

Hello hello, how are you all doing? Oh my gosh- it’s December!!! Actually, I’m a little bit conflicted. I mean, I can’t believe December has rolled around already; I don’t know how this year has flown by so quickly- 2018 is almost over! But on the other hand, December is my favourite time of year.… Continue reading November Wrap-Up // December TBR

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March ’18 Anticipated Releases!

Hello, hello, how are we all? 🙂 It’s that time of the month again on this little blog- it’s time for some more Anticipated Releases! So, each month I like to take a look through the online bookish world (mainly Goodreads though, not gonna lie) and see which books I am most looking forward to being… Continue reading March ’18 Anticipated Releases!

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Review: The Scarecrow Queen

Title: The Scarecrow Queen Author: Melinda Salisbury Genre: Fantasy, YA Pages: 423 Published: 2nd March 2017 (UK) Publisher: Scholastic Format: Paperback Acquired: Bought from local bookstore Rating: ★★★★☆   Book Blurb:: Dawn will rise. With Errin a prisoner in Lormere, and Twylla powerless on the run, time is running out for the ragged band of… Continue reading Review: The Scarecrow Queen

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June Wrap-Up// July TBR!

Why hello everyone– how are you all doing? So, I’m kinda freaking out at how quickly this year is going. I mean, June did feel rather long and never-ending, however it still surprised me when I realised we’re now in July, and in full-on summer! I’m not ready- I’m still in my winter body! Life-wise… Continue reading June Wrap-Up// July TBR!

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March 2017 Anticipated Releases!

♥ Hello hello everyone! ♥ I’m back with another bookish news post- my monthly Anticipated Releases list! 🙂 Although I certainly can’t buy every book I like the look of (I’m waiting to win the lottery), it is really exciting to keep up-to-date with all the new releases that are coming out each month. I… Continue reading March 2017 Anticipated Releases!