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July Wrap-Up // August TBR!

Hello everyone! Wow it looks like summer is well and truly here, I mean we’re already in AUGUST!?!?! As I’m in full time work and so don’t get summer holidays like we did in school summer always feels less exciting, but I’m still amazed at how quickly the year is flying by So, whenever a… Continue reading July Wrap-Up // August TBR!

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June Wrap-Up // July TBR!

Hello hello everyone, and happy July! I feel like the year is going way too fast, but technically we are in the thick of summer now? June was a bit of a miserable month weather-wise (although we did have a mini heatwave in the final week), so hopefully July will feel much more seasonal 🙂… Continue reading June Wrap-Up // July TBR!

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May 19 Wrap-Up // June TBR!

Hello, hello, how are you doing? Oh gosh, so June has already arrived. June always feels weird to me because technically it is the start of the summer months but at the same time being in full-time employment means this doesn’t really have a lot of significance any more? I have nothing booked in terms… Continue reading May 19 Wrap-Up // June TBR!

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March 19 Wrap-Up // April TBR!

Hello everyone- how are we all doing? Oh gosh, so April has arrived already! I feel like I say it every month but how is it already this late into the year!? Part of me is excited, as it means we are getting well into Spring and hopefully into some sunny weather. But the other… Continue reading March 19 Wrap-Up // April TBR!

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February 19 Wrap-Up// March TBR

Hello, hello, hello, how are we all? Wow, can you believe it is already March? Not only is it the 3rd month of 2019 already, but it is also technically the start of the spring season, which is crazy. I do actually love the change in seasons and seeing nature start to bloom. I just feel like… Continue reading February 19 Wrap-Up// March TBR

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February/March Book Haul

So I keep telling myself I’m on a book-buying ban, but here we are we another book haul. Sorrynotsorry. I’ve been trying to be good and not going crazy, but what can I say, I’m book-obsessed! To be fair some of the books I purchased were my most anticipated releases of the year so I… Continue reading February/March Book Haul

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February Anticipated Releases

Hello everyone- how are we doing? I’m a bit behind schedule with my blog this month, but I’m back with one of my favourite kinds of posts- an Anticipated Releases post! For those who don’t know, every month I like to give the low down on the books I’m most looking forward to being published that… Continue reading February Anticipated Releases

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April 2017 Anticipated Releases

Hello there! It’s another month, and time for one of my favourite kinds of posts- a list of anticipated releases! I was snooping around on Goodreads and Twitter and there seems to be loads of books being published this April! It was hard to choose which ones I was most looking forward to, but I… Continue reading April 2017 Anticipated Releases